Hair Equation | Top 3


My hair is naturally wavy with lots of volume. I will usually just work on taming and maybe ocasionally blowdrying them. Over the past few weeks though, I have taken liking to straight -not pin straight, just slight bed-heady straight!


GHD Platinum. I kid you not, with these it takes me 10 min to straighten. Whereas, before it took me about 40 mins. It takes two seconds to heat up! That’s a major time saver and I’m happy to have bought it.


I colour my hair every few months and Kerastase Reflection Shampoo saved it from fading too quickly. The word reflection to me is misleading though, it did not make my hair shiny (or captivating), it’s just a good shampoo for coloured hair. I found I can go longer between washes now -about 3 to 4 days. Fourth day is dry shampoo day.. and I pile that stuff on! Speaking about dry shampoos, I have gone through few cans of them and haven’t quite found the one. Recommendation for brunettes?

Aussie Reconstructor is the stuff that everyone knows works. My hair before I finished the bottle was in that starting-to-look-like-hay stage. This became my everyday conditioner. It’s incredibly hydrating and a firm staple during colder months. By the time you finish the bottle, your hair will be back to normal… or atleast better.

Hope everyone is doing well. I’m starting to burn out a bit and feel the need for a holiday. Fleur and Becky’s youtube video about Iceland is stuck in my head. A spa break would be so good right now.

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