Welcoming Autumn and Change

Autumn favorites.jpg
Taking cues from nature, shedding and reserving moisture is my skincare mantra this season. Thankfully, the weather hasn’t yet turned my face into a desert. No sad dry spots! Props to these three glorious products.

moringa balm reviewCleanser: Emma Hardie Moring Balm is such a simple perfectly made balm. I have to say it’s more like my morning cup of tea rather than a decadent dessert I expected. But I have come to like it – comforting, cleansing and I know it works.

Mask: Oskia Renaissance Mask. An exfoliator that works yet is gentle on the most disruptive skin. Or atleast on my disruptive skin. I hiked up usage to two to three times a week and so far so good.

RENvitamineralskinoil.jpgSerum: or oil, whatever they call it now, it’s gorgeous. I am surprised how long this teeny bottle lasts me. I have backups already and it’s well worth the pennies.

Have you changed your skincare routines this Autumn? What are your favorites?

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