Christope Robin Regenerating Hair Mask

Remember the hair mask from this beauty box, that I said did nothing? Well, I underestimated it.

I can now point out why it didn’t work -too little product. You don’t need a handful, a thumb covered amount is good on long hair. Once I took my time massaging it on the scalp and coating every hair did I get the hoohah over this. It’s 50 Quid for a 250ml jar. The directions mentioned can be confusing as well. As where it says “lather whilst gradually adding water” …there is no lather. Maybe slight sudsy but definitely no lather.
The mask did leave my hair feeling noticeably, less frizzy, soft and smelling amazing. It took a good 5 min to wash it off. I was sure this was going to weigh down my hair because you can feel the oily slime whilst washing. But surprisingly, it didn’t!
Someone with colour damage or frazzled hair might find this quite wondrous. At the moment, my hair is fairly healthy and don’t feel the need to shell out £50 for it. As compared to the elasticiser, which I’m a fan of -the science behind these two are completely different. But as a hair mask, Elasticizer gave me better results. Although it doesn’t have the scalp stimulating properties of the Christophe Robin mask ..nor the beautiful fragrance.

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