Weekend Face | Makeup on a Getaway


Finally, a much needed break. It’s been a roller-coaster this month!
Base is BareMinerals Complexion Rescue. I don’t think I am going to be using anything else for a long time. I mix it with a little heavy duty concealer if I do need more coverage. No brush needed. It is a tinted moisturiser with spf. Slap it on, move to next step.
Concealer is Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer. This is full coverage, creamy and great for under the eye. Again, no brush needed, pat till it blends away. It’s emollient texture makes it tad difficult to spot conceal without powder so I’m carrying Mac duo palette, just to have an option.
On the lips- Clarins Joli (723) is gorgeous lightly patted as a sheer wash of colour, lovely for daytime. Nuxe Reve De Miel balm is a perfect top coat that doesn’t take the finish away.
Incorporating some autum-ness with Stilla Camellia to contour and blush. Love how moisturizing this is but I do have to powder lightly so it lasts longer.
Powder -is the only one I own, The Body Shop face powder (04) which I have had forever. My guilt gland won’t let me buy a new one until I atleast hit pan.
I have put down Maybelline Shadow stick (in trespassing taupe) for a change. Loving a basic sculpted eye at the moment. Urban Decay primer with the shade Cover and Skimp from Naked 2 basics keeps it neutral while adding some definition too.
I am tempted to layer on loads of mascara but last week I had a eyelash curler mishap. Before you imagine worse, I only lost few eyelashes in the inner corner. Looks slightly unbalanced with that bit of missing fluff. Lining upper lashline makes such a difference!

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