August Favorites


Hope you guys are having a relaxing summer holiday! So it’s officially Autumn. August was a disheartening month for me. So I’m really looking forward to September.


REN Glycolatic Mask. I have been using this once a month for the past few months. Glycolic acid irritates my skin which is why I can’t use it more often. It does an amazing scar zapping job… Love it!

Have I ever included snacks before? If not, I think this is a start. Pineapple is my favorite flavor from Urban Fruit. It is the real thing. No additives, just plain lightly dehydrated fruit. Great on the go!

When it comes to body creams, I haven’t found the perfect one. I do tend to like a lot of them but I can always find a fault. Aveeno body lotion in Lavender smells amazing. It’s very hydrating and tends to stay on the surface even overnight. That can be a problem depending on what you wear. Since the product doesn’t dry up completely, it makes it a good softening lotion. Better suited for night time use.


Essie Russian Roulette is beautiful. I can’t stop wearing it! Essie has some amazing reds, don’t they?



I don’t think I have ever used my Naked Basics 2 as much as I have this month. That in conjuction with Rimmel’s trespassing taupe as shadow base, which was in my July faves. I may have been influenced by Charlotte Tilbury’s smokey eye forever looks. Love a good smokey eye!

2 thoughts on “August Favorites

  1. Sorry to hear that August didn’t go too well. I hope you have a great September. If it helps lift your spirits I really enjoy reading your blog and encourage you to keep up the great work 🙂

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