Sleek | Eau La La



Ah impulse buys.. I’m pretty much gaga over Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks but don’t own any. Yet. When i spotted this beautiful vampy magenta red reminded me of one from the matt revolution collection. Does anyone know the name? I’m thinking bond girl, could be wrong. Absolutely divine that one.

This one is in the shade Venom. A deep magenta. Depending on lighting, it can appear pinkish purple toned or reddish. Eau La La Liners aren’t new and I’m so glad I picked one. They can be used anywhere on the face. The formulation is such that it can be mixed with various bases to create a different finish. It is matt on it’s own and very pigmented. I had so much fun playing around with this one. Although I don’t see myself wearing it as an eyeliner or even blush.

£4.99 each. They have 20 colours in this range but you will rarely see them all together stocked in stores. Available at Boots and Superdrug.

One thought on “Sleek | Eau La La

  1. ooh I like that the pencil’s quite thick. Sometimes I find it quite tedious filling in my lips with a thin lip pencil. Looks like I’ve got something else to add to my list of wanted products now!

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