Kerastase Nutritive – Bain Satin 1




As a girl who has both flat and big hair, I find it hard to choose between moisturising or volumnising. I have used the Loreal’s sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners for over a year. They are hydrating and helps tame my big hair. Overtime though, it started to look all droopy and flat at the scalp… It was time to switch things up.

Bain Satin 1 is meant for normal to slightly dry hair type. The shampoo is creamy and concentrated. A little blob is enough for a squeaky clean scalp. Squeaky -I associated that with dryness but surprisingly hasn’t been. Overtime I have managed to go three days without washing. No grease in sight! I would put it as nice balance between clarifying and norishing.

The coordinated conditioner surprisingly performs better than it seems. It looks like a regular conditioner with a thin balmy consistency. I use about two centimetre square of product. It feels very light but tends to “stick” and coat hair quickly. As always is the case, the conditioner is going to run out faster.

The price is quite up there as compared to a drugstore one and it is not SLS free. It has faded my coloured hair faster. I’m not sure if I will repurchase yet. I have had this for just over a month and the shampoo is barely gone. I’m quite loving the swishy effect it has given. Let’s hope they come out with a sulphate free version!

One thought on “Kerastase Nutritive – Bain Satin 1

  1. My hairdresser uses this on my hair and I have to say I love the way it makes my hair feel, although with it not being SLS-free I wouldn’t use it at home on a regular basis. Jay xx

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