Oskia Renaissance Mask

Oskia_rennaisance_mask.jpgOskia rennaisance mask ingredients.jpgoskia_rennaisance_mask_ingredients.jpgThis salmon coloured jelly is absolutely divine. Essentially, an exfoliator but it does a little more. Definitely, one of those masks that you should take your time with. This one is great for skins that easily react to acids. Alpha-H liquid gold was too strong for me. As effective as it is, turned my face quite raw. I haven’t gone back to using it since.

Oskia mask works with lactic acid and AHAs, which is mild and perfect for me right now. I have dry/dehydrated skin. The gel turns into a white coloured cream as you massage it on. It didn’t dry out my skin at all and acne blemishes are fading nicely. Other than a flushed face after, I didn’t notice any negative side effects. It smells like a fruity cocktail, to me anyway.. Beautiful!

Except maybe the price tag, I love everything about this mask. Note, this is not a miracle worker. I have used this four times so far. I remember feeling underwhelmed the first time.. Wondering if this was too mild. Second time onwards though, I took my time cleansing thoroughly. Sneaked in a short burst of steam before massaging it on… and there you have it, I see what everyone’s talking about!

Available at Look Fantastic, Cult Beauty, Space NK Apothecary at £48.50 for 50ml jar.

4 thoughts on “Oskia Renaissance Mask

  1. I’m glad you approve! I trying to finish up my Dermalogica Gentle Cream Cleanser, this is waiting in line to be used! ^_^

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