Aesop Parsley Seed Mask

aesop_parsley_seed_mask.jpg wpid-20150629_132049.jpgThis one has received some slap for having irritating ingredients in it. My experience with it was quite good. It has a cooling effect as you apply and unless you keep it on longer than required (15 min), it does not pull on your skin. It soothed my bumpy skin and didn’t feel dry after. Having this used twice in the last two weeks, I have to say it’s not a game changer. The pore cleansing action is mild at best. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. Given how few clay masks work well with dry/dehydrated skin.

There’s another mask that comes to my mind -Apivita Pink Clay. Worth look into if you don’t use clay masks often and don’t need a full size product. This one comes in a pack of two sachets with a generous amount of product for £3.

Parsley Seed mask is quite heavy herbal on the scent, nearly identical to Weleda Skin Food. I noticed how each time it made my skin oily the next morning. Not sure if that’s good or bad. It didn’t break me out. Just wondering if anyone else had a similar reaction? It’s priced at £27, available at Cult Beauty, Mankind, Selfridges, Liberty.

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