Another Addition to Good Basic Sunscreen

simple_sunscreenspf30.jpg simple_sunscreen.jpgIf you have read my sunscreens on rotation post, I mentioned Neutrogena Ultra Sheer, perfect on oily skin. Since my skin is dry now, I can’t use it. Not to forget, it’s near impossible to find in the UK. Simple SPF 30 moisture cream is spot on. It’s such an underrated product. I think this is a beautiful everyday sunscreen. It has no perfume or artificial color, has UVA/UVB filters, is easily available and priced at £4.99. And you can get it much cheaper during offers at Boots or Superdrug!

The only downside is, it does give you a faint white cast under some lights. So might not be great to be photographed in. In natural daylight, it’s invisible.

2 thoughts on “Another Addition to Good Basic Sunscreen

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