Gunpowder | Topshop Waterproof Eyeliner

Topshopwaterproofliner.jpgTopshoplineringunpowder.jpgTopshoplineringunpowder.jpgWhen Topshop says it’s waterproof, they mean it. This stuff won’t budge. I didn’t expect that at all really. It didn’t cause a smear by Micellar solution. Anyone looking for a liner to wear all day, swim in -look no further.

The shade “gunpowder” is a dark grey with silver sparkles in it. They are fairly subtle and surprisingly didn’t irritate my eyes. Some sparkles managed to creep out after few hours, nothing too annoying. The liner itself is very soft, doesn’t pull on skin. A heavy handed application will result in stickiness though. It’s a kind that needs to be sharpened and if used regularly, you’ll be sharpening it quite often. I’m not too crazy about this particular colour. Another waterproof version is in the shade “Ebony”. Haven’t seen that one, since their stocks vary. Only the toughest eye remover will work for this -bi-phased or oily balm that is suitable for eyes.

£5 from Topshop.

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