Sampling and forming a dislike of primers

sampling foundations.jpgOver the past months, I have (almost) conquered the fear of asking samples. I still, every time, analyse their body language and faces before asking that question. I have had few terrible/awkward moments at YSL and Bare Minerals counters. On the split-side, Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown staffs seem so approachable. Anyway, I managed to test out few products before I commit to a full size.

Laura_mercier_tinted_moisturiser_swatches.jpgLauramerciertintedmoisturiserswatch.jpgBare_minerals_vs_laura_mercier.jpegLaura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer | Almond VS Sand. I really wanted this. Just glad I got samples instead. On my dry skin, this doesn’t do anything. I see why people like it though. There’s a good selection of shades. The sheer finish is gorgeous and goes on so smoothly. On me, this will settle strangely over dry parts of the face. I feel the need to re-apply this but it doesn’t moisturize enough and it’s hard to use a separate moisturiser because it will smear the foundation underneath. The situation got a bit too messy.

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue. I love this stuff. It’s super hydrating and blends so nicely. The reason I haven’t picked this up yet though, you might laugh but the counter lady was sure I am the shade “spice” and kept pushing me to buy it. I managed to get a sample and not surprisingly, it turned out looking too muddy. I went back for a shade down. But her facial expression and just the way she stomped away, rubbed me the wrong way. I still kind of want it, but don’t need it. I guess it comes down to seeing it at another counter, in another store.

Primers, theoretically are really cool, aren’t they? The way they just smooth things out, create enough stick for other bases to adhere. But do you actually own a product that work? I am on the side of NO. In a way, they do what they are supposed to but not necessarily in a flattering way. Now, my need from a primer is to smoothen and blur without taking off moisture, added hydration is always welcome but, it should not move after application. Then when you layer on your foundations, concealers, tinted moisturizers, it doesn’t mix or curdle up with them. I am on a learning curve here, spare me some tricks, recommendations if you have please.

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4 thoughts on “Sampling and forming a dislike of primers

  1. I use Laura Mercier TM after moisturizer (well after it’s sinked in) and that generally keeps dry patches at bay.
    I first used Almond and I was really tan that summer. I use Sand now, it’s a much better match for me. 🙂

    With primers I guess I’m undecided. I don’t really use them everyday. I’m ok with my makeup not lasting 12 hours.

    1. I do the same with LM tinted moisturiser, it might be a weather thing. Sand is my shade too xx Have you tried the new one from LM? in the black packaging.

    1. I have heard good things about the LM primer. I still have it in my checkout bag at Space nk! But you might be right about that, it depends on skin type. My skin is so dry and dehydrated right now that none of my primers seem to sit well, if not make it worse.

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