Weekend Face | Spring Edit

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The weather scene this weekend has been predicted to be mostly sunny. Glad I have the face routine set.

Alpha-H SPF 50+ is a simple lightweight sunscreen. I have talked about it tons before. Boots eye cream is another basic, not too high on SPF but works well under concealer, no white cast and doesn’t rub off easily. Can’t believe I have never mentioned this Spa Sanctuary Illuminating lotion before. But there you go. I have had this for maybe 4 months. It’s no Dior Glow, the illumination is rather sparse. There is no shimmer, it’s quite flat in terms of lifting effect but I like that. It’s subtle and requires no precision.

My to go concealer Amazing Concealer in caramel. It’s sooo lovely and easy to put on. My current foundation is Bobbi Brown’s intensive skin serum foundation. I wrote a sort of first impression view here. I love how easily is blends into skin and has high SPF. Nude Magique primer is a new addition. I don’t wear a primer everyday but I feel like the foundation works better on a primer. As a general rule, any foundation works better on moisturized skin. That’s the aim for me. I am not mad about this particular primer, it’s not hydrating but not mattifying either. So until I find something better. Genuinely bored with lipsticks in my stash but today I think it’s going to be Max Factor in Radiant. Hunting for something new. Eyes on Clarins instant light 04 Orange! Lastly, miss sporty clear mascara to direct them brown right.

Okay, I think I typed that in under two minutes *pats back* …Enough chitter-chatter, let the mojito assemble!


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