March Favorites

march favorites 2015Ultrabland Cleanser LushUltrabland Cleanser Lush reviewUltrabland. One step cure for very dry flaky skin. On the risk of sounding a bit farfetched, I have to put it out there, that this put my skin at ease on first application. Not the most pleasant smelling, but it is wonderful for what it does.

E45. This is such a basic cream. Recently upgraded to a massive tub. I would say this one is a Brit version of french pharmacy must-haves. Combined with Ultrabland, this duo has helped me get my skin back to normal. It does nothing else but moisturize.weleda skin foodWeleda Skin food. While herbal scents are not particularly pleasant to me, I like the smell of this. It’s not an usual petroleum based multipurpose balm and feels nice on the face too – not sticky and gross. Atleast on mine, I have very dry skin right now. I wrote about it in a previous post too.

ojon rare blen oil medium textureOjon rare blend oil. Meant to moisturise dry hair, works specially well on wet hair and just the ends. I have waist-long, limp at the roots, dry at the end, slightly frizzy hair. Few drops is all I need. More details here. I tend to mix it with blow dry lotions if I am using one, concentrating on just the ends and I like the results. No.7 extreme length mascaraNo.7 extreme length mascaraNo.7 extreme length mascara reviewNo.7 Extreme Length Mascara. They seem to have every type of formulation, brush wands in their range. This one in particular I think is my favorite. It’s all about the applicator. The nicely spread spiky bristles gives me the option to apply in just the roots, for some volume if I want to, go clumpy or use vertically to define each bottom lash without clumps. The best thing, it doesn’t uncurl my lashes. I find a lot of heavier formulations do that. Priced at £12.50, Boots. Alpha-H skincare daily essential moisturiser spf 50Alpha-H skincare daily essential moisturiser spf 50Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50+. Inspite having a high SPF factor, this lotion is so light. I usually stick to SPF 15-30 because the higher the factor, the ickier it seems to feel. Not with this one. No flashbacks, no white-cast. It just sinks in. You know that powdery-ness you can feel on your fingers sometimes? There is none of that. Incredibly comfortable to wear. Hope everyone is doing well.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it xx


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