Pepta-Bright | Indeed Laboratories

pepta bright reviewI thought I’d do a in depth review of pepta bright, now that I have used it little over 3 months. This is best for reducing scars, uneven pigmentation.
Think of it as a exfoliating cream. Dab it on individual spots or lightly layer it on the face, excluding the eye area. I wouldn’t recommend using it on any active, bumpy breakouts because it can sting and cause irritation (…done that, ouch).  Using it regularly made my skin quite sensitive and slightly raw. Using it two to three times a week turned out better.
The texture is light cream, white in color but on application turns the area oily, only for a minute or so. It may look unnecessary but I found that not moisturizing after eventually dried out my skin. I wouldn’t count on it to keep my skin moisturized through the night. I woke up every morning with bone dry skin. It doesn’t have any perfume but definitely has a chemical-like smell….unnatural but not unpleasant.

This retails for £24.99 but is often on offer in Boots.

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