The perfect nude pencil

lipprecisionlippencilinnudeno.7precisionlippencilinnude.jpgnudelippencil.pngI’m personally not a “nude” lip girl. I pretty much never leave home without some kind of pigmented lip colour that disguises my natural unevenly pigmented lips. Right now, my lip approach is quite slap-dash with a bit of this lip tint and I’m done. Just to switch things up, I’m looking into red and berry lipsticks. I wanted something that mimmicks my natural lip color, not too drying and helps stop lipstick bleed. I remember this being on Lisa Elridge’s recommendation and she wasn’t wrong. This is one of those pencils that will work on most skin tones. Strictly as a lip pencil though. I found it too drying for a full on lip application on it’s own.lip precision pencil in nude swatchwpid-picsart_1425575362200.jpgno7lippencilsharpenerno7lippencilsharpener The nifty little sharpener reminds me of Etude House’ Play Pencils. If you don’t know, No. 7 is owned by and exclusive to Boots. Available here.

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