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amazing-concealer.jpegConcealer is a major part of my makeup routine. This year, I want to perfect my base. When it comes to concealers, I haven’t found one that I can wear on it’s own, without a corrector or foundation. Except, this one called Amazing Concealer from the company Amazing Cosmetics. Just to give you a little hint on how much I like it, let’s say it’s value to me is higher than Rimmel wake me up concealer, Elizabeth Arden’s flawless finish concealer, Nars creamy concealer, Revlon colorstay. It works really well on my dry undereyes. It’s so easy to work with, don’t even need a brush or sponge, just dot and pat away till its even.

They have twenty shades to choose from BUT in the UK, only ten are available. Disappointing, but the shade selection is not bad. They are available in two sizes -6ml (£19.50) and 15ml (£30). All shades have either peachy or golden undertones. It might be a problem for someone with yellow or neutral undertones. I picked the shade “Caramel”, about two or three shades darker than my face but still close to my under-eye shade. It conceals and evens out my skin well. Also is a beautiful contour color, If I do. The one lighter than this shade is “Tan Golden” which seemed perfect on my skin but looked tad kardashian-esque, which I’m not a fan of. Atleast not for everyday concealing. A mix of Caramel and Tan Golden might be perfect.

The formula is thick, creamy, full coverage, blendable and once set, water resistant. Because how pigmented it is, you need the tiniest amount. I’s best to layer it as thinly as possible. I do one thin layer, about two dots all around my eye, blend it well, let it set. Then a second layer, concentrating only on area that need more concealing. Now because this shade is too dark for my face, I can’t use it on blemishes, but I think with the right shade it will be really nice. I a pleased with the results, by far my favorite concealer that works, is quick to apply, yet looks like skin.Amazing concealer review

Pretty much every concealer has creased on me, with or without a primer. This one has too, but only if I put it on too thickly, yet better than any of those I mentioned above. I never set my concealer with a powder because it dries out the area (or I haven’t found the right one!). I like how emollient the texture is, sits nicely on my dry undereye. It comes in a squeeze tube, nothing fancy and I can’t really fuss about the packaging when the real downer is how only ten out of twenty shades is available in the UK. Otherwise, this concealer is seriously underrated.

They are available at M&S stores in the UK, At Sephora is the US and Cult Beauty, Feel Unique, M&S online, Very.

7 thoughts on “Amazing Concealer | Amazing Cosmetics

  1. Oh this is the first I’m hearing of this brand, I need to look it up! It also doesn’t look like you have concealer on there, love the finish.
    That’s also one of my main requirements with concealer, it shouldn’t look like I have anything on there… 😉

    1. It’s lovely. I haven’t seen anything else from this American brand. Real push to get it was when Ruth Crilly from amodelrecommends talked about it. I hope it is available in Sephora India stores, this will suit most indian skin tones 😀

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