Aqua Boost Sorbet | The Body Shop

Aqua-boost-sorbetAqua boost sorbetSince the Satsuma body butter overdose last year, I have avoided TBS like a plague. But after a joyful lunch time, I decided to end this and check out their new offering -Aqua Boost Sorbet, which is a part of their Vitamin E range.

The texture really drew me in. It’s a pink gel that feels cool on skin, like an aloe vera gel does. Not sticky, quite soft and easy to work with. It glides on without any tugging yet, it has enough slip for a mini face massage, if you will. It smells just like their other Vitamin E products, quite unique or I can’t think of a word to associate it with.

The products says it’s for all skin types. I can’t vouch for that. It does well on my normal/combination/blemish prone skin. I think this will favor the needs of oilier skin types better than dry ones. I prefer richer textures, don’t mind slight surface shine. So to give a general idea, the moisturizing factor of Aqua boost sorbet feels like it’s barely there. Dries to a matte finish. Moisturisers are meant to sit atop skin surface, but I have often experienced that curdling effect where you find bits of the moisturizer around the face, looks like a rubbery substance. I’m not sure if there is a proper term for that. I was certain it happened because I put too much but that isn’t the case. Personally, it annoys me because nobody wants to pick bits off their skin, makeup won’t sit well on it either. Which makes it a strict night time moisturiser.
This will be lovely in summer or in humid, subtropical climates. Overall, I like this one, it’s just not moisturizing enough for winters and I not right for my skin. I will pick this in summer and maybe it will work better.

Available at The Body Shop, £12.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

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