Alpha-H Micro Cleanse

Alpha-H reviewAlpha-H micro cleanse reviewAlpha-H micro cleanse reviewSo far, my favorite product in the bunch. I already know this is going to be featured in my 2015 yearly favorites. Alpha-H generally makes amazing skincare products, the uber popular liquid gold is or has probably been on every beauty-blogger’s wishlist, anyone who needs to get rid of blemishes that is.

Micro cleanse is basically a granular scrub with glycolic acid. The texture is white, gritty and smells minty. As much as I dislike granular scrubs on my face, really can’t diss it on that alone. The moment you put it on, the skin will start feeling slight prickly and tingle, which is normal and for me, quite pleasant. I like that feeling because I associate it with acid peels done at a spa or a skin clinic. I think the first ever AHA product that I used was Freeman’s facial enzyme pineapple mask, a gorgeous gloopy tingly mask. BUT the exfoliation factor on the Alpha-H micro cleanse is atleast double the strength.

Directions: Dampen face and apply exfoliant. Massage over the entire face, avoiding the eye area and remove with a warm damp face cloth. Apply exfoliant twice a week and follow with your preferred moisturiser.

Some things to remember when using any exfoliant is not to go overboard. People with active acne might not like using this since it’s granular and it will hurt. On the day of using micro cleanse, I make it a point not to use any other exfoliators in form of moisturizer, toner, blemish lotions etc. Currently I am using the Alpha-H Essential Hydration Cream (£35/50ml) on it’s own at night and the Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50+ (£29/50ml) at daytime. They are both lovely moisturisers but don’t stand out to me as anything special really. I am sure they are made with great care and with good ingredients but for that price, I can’t justify buying them. Not right now, anyway. I have used liquid gold, but not nearly enough to write about it. The Balancing Cleanser (£25/200ml) is nice. I don’t see myself getting the full size, even though it’s quite affordable, it just didn’t feel like it did anything. But I have only used about 1/3rd of it in my 30ml tube. I might do a proper review later on others. Overall to me, Micro Cleanse is worth the price at £26.50/100ml.

Micro Cleanse and other Alpha-H products are available at Beautybay and Cult Beauty.

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