Botanics Hydrating Eye Cream

boots botanics hydrating eye cream

Currently, I am trying to evaluate my skincare. Do I really need an eye-cream? From the book “Pretty Honest”, I have learned not everyone benefits from an eye cream. It’s nothing your moisturizer can’t do, as long as it’s safe to use around the eye. I have always had quite dry eye area, and I feel like my current face moisturizer (AphaH essential hydration cream) is not moisturizing enough. Even with the addition of Hydraluron. In two hours and usually always after waking up, it’s dry. Could be a deeper health-realted problem? I drink enough water too!

Anyway, I have used up the Botanics Hydrating Cream. It was a nice basic moisturizer. It didn’t leave the skin shiny, just hydrated. I works well under make-up. Doesn’t have any fragrance, parabens. Think it’s best not to expect any radiance-improving factor from this one. If it’s just hydration you need, maybe consider this for £4.49 and available at Boots.

More from Botanics: Botanics Facial Oil

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