Five Personal Goals

Alpha h skincarealpha h liquid goldnaked basics 2

1. Evaluate & simplify skincare. If you read my last post, I was talked about omitting eye creams and toners for a month or longer. Just to see if I even need them. I will let you know how that goes. My main concern is keeping my skin balanced and getting rid of blemishes. Alpha H skincare has tons of creditable followers and it’s expensive. Look at the range here. The ones that really stood out to me is liquid gold and balancing cleanser, that’s over £50 right there. Which is why this kit appealed to me. It has everything I want to try before committing to the full size.

2. Reduce sugar intake. I love chocolates and sweet things. Need to learn somehow to curb this habit. So far, the solution I have come up with is to have healthier sweet options at hand. What do you guys do?

3. Accessorize. In the fashion sense, I am a minimalist. To me a outfit is complete when I have the basic fours on. Don’t even get me started on jewellery. As much as  like browsing them, I dislike big hoop earrings, anything dangly, clunky bracelets, thick straps. Not because they don’t look good, the clunky noise, the movement restrictions is extremely distracting. So other than my wedding rings, never bothered with any jewellery. This year, I shall make it a point to learn what works and just accessorize more.

4. Experiment with makeup. If you have been around this blog, you know I love skincare. I own more moisturizers than eyeshadows. There is simply no need. My goal is to broaden my makeup horizon this year. The book “Pretty Honest” has changed how I look at makeup and made me realize how badly I need to update my cabinet. On that note, the picture above is Naked basics two (finally!), a tear drop makeup sponge and CK eyeshadow brushes.

5. Document my progress. I love it and will continue to do this year. In a diary, on my phone and on this blog.

3 thoughts on “Five Personal Goals

  1. Im type one diabetic so the sugar is a big thing for me, i find that there are snacks like nuts that make it so much easier! luckily i didnt have a sweet tooth ever so its easier.

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