First Class Mask

Organic Surge First Class MaskA gorgeous mask by Organic Surge that smells like a calm spa. Lemon essential oil and organic rosamary being the key ingredient that stands out. The product is creamy and dispenses through a nozzle. The bottle contains 50ml (1.66 floz). It has no SLS, Parabens and the ingredients are naturally-derived.

Organic surge first class maskOrganic surge first class mask reviewOrganic surge first class mask reviewEven though one pump is enough for the whole face, I layer it on quite generously, about three to four pumps. The mask is smooth and thin in consistency. It feels moisturizing but on my (normal/combination) skin, it’s not moisturizing enough. So layering it up doesn’t make much difference. Infact, after you wash it out it’s almost as if nothing changed. Might work better on dry, sensitive skin types. It claims to “deep-cleanse” too. Not sure about that bit. It definitely makes a difference but I can’t quite put a word on it. Love the texture and the fragrance, it’s calming to just put it on. Does it work though? I am going to say it doesn’t do what it claims to. Any difference it made goes away within in few hours to a day. It’s a nice little pick me up.Overall, as pleasant as it is to use, it doesn’t live up to its claims.

Available at UK stores Organic Surge, Love Organics for £8.50 and the Indian website- Purplle (INR 535)

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