Fat Lash Mascara

Collection Fat Lash Mascara ReviewCollection fat lash mascara picturescollection fat lash macara reviewCollection Fat Lash Mascara ReviewI don’t even remember how this end up in my bag but super-sized lashes is what I am going for on Christmas day. The formulation is creamy, the packaging is nice. The applicator is a simple straight wand with thick bristles on a medium-sized brush (as compared to Maybelline Volume Express, The rocket). I was hoping mad volumes with this one, didn’t happen. Not without clumping, not without using a lash comb. It thickens the lashes slightly on one coat. Some people have complained about it not having enough ”stick” to it, which resulted in some major mascara running down the face situations. Didn’t have that problem, although, I noticed it doesn’t keep a curl well. Which is just a no-no for me. Overall, it doesn’t live up to it’s name and I don’t like the end result.

Available at Boots, Superdrug

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