B. Clean Melting Gel Cleanser

B. Clean Melting Gel Cleanser reviewB clean melting gelb clean melting gelb. clean melting gel reviewI am surprised how good this turned out. It’s a thick clear gel that turns into oil when you massage it on to face and then milky when water is added. This is what I imagine the Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel or the Ole Henriksen Melting Cleanser to be like, but at a fraction of the price ..£3.47! Packaging is basic, in a flip-top tube and doesn’t have any added properties -Antioxidants, Essential Oils, Anti-aging etc. No added fragrance in here but it does smell lightly of something (medicated? but it’s not) I can’t think of a word. I like how it warms up on application. Almost like a thermal mask.

It takes off make-up well. Let me demonstrate, by painting my hand.

b clean melting gel reviewIn the picture, I have painted several types of make-up. Top three is a lipgloss, lipstick and lip stain, the black stain is a Mascara, bottom two rectangles are foundation, concealer, liner and eye-brow pencil. Now let’s take that off.

b clean melting gel cleanserb clean melting gel cleanserb. clean melting gel cleanser reviewb.clean melting gel cleanser testProducts smudges immediately on applying a layer of cleanser. Wipe it off with a cotton pad and you will see it didn’t take off everything. Traces of Lip-stain and mascara is still there. Notice how it leaves a oily layer too, it doesn’t when washed off with water. Another layer of cleanser, washed off directly with water, mascara came off, lip stain remains (personally, don’t think that’s a problem).

b.clean melting gel cleanser review testThere you go, it works pretty well. Works even better if you add a muslin/wash cloth to wipe off the cleanser. Quite impressed with this one. Takes a little effort sometimes, but well-worth the money. Available at Superdrug.


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