Winter Wadrobe Add-Ons

Boxytown.wordpress.comWinter proofing is in motion. I have been loving beanies with bobbles and Chunky Knit Scarves. They make such a big difference when you are outside. I think It’s a good idea to have few options and these are gorgeous.

marks and spencer beanieZara chunky knitted scarves

rag and bone scarf

1. Striped Bobble Hat, 2&3. Knitted Scarf in White and Red from Zara

4. Rag and Bone Scarf from Harvey Nichols

beanies fro around the internet5. Grey Beanie from TopShop, 6. White Fur Pom Beanie from TopShop,

7. Pink Gradient Beanie from House of Fraser, 8. Teddy Pom Pom Beanie from Scotch & Soda chunky knitted scarves9. Wool Check Scarf in Pink, Blue and Black (My Favorite Scarf!)and other stories knitted scarfzara knitted beanie with bobblehouse of fraser soft knitted scarf10. Bright Blue from And Other Stories, 11. Chunky Knitted Beanie from Zara (Loving Marsala, this one is just right!), 12. Dog-Tooth Scarf from House of Fraser

Did you like this edit? Which one is your favorite? I’d love to know.

2 thoughts on “Winter Wadrobe Add-Ons

  1. Love this. I don’t have many scarfs, as I’m not a big scarf person…however I have many different Beanie options because they’re super cute n in cold weather definitely a must!! 🙂

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