Things that bring cheer. November Favorites

boxytown.comWe don’t celebrate thanksgiving but it doesn’t mean we have nothing to be thankful for. Here’s a non-cheesy list of things that made me happy last month.

Gotham TV showGotham. Have to say, it started off pretty dull. Third episode onwards I think is when the story got interesting. I love the plot, characters and how they evolve. Also, suggesting it to friends made me realize many people hate Batman. Why? Has to be one of my favorite comic hero!

stylist magazine boxy townStylist Magazine for Phone and Tablets.

It just puts me in a good mood. This digital magazine is a good mix of fashion,beauty, travel, some news and my favorite section “The Style List”.

You get a new issue ever Tuesday and so far, I have loved each one. Because it’s digital, You can read it anywhere and not worry about forgetting or lugging it around.

Did I mention it’s free to download?

November FavoritesClockwise: Hydraluron from Indeed Labs. Took some time to work, but this got rid of my flaky skin for good. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is an absolute superstar hair stuff. More details in tomorrow’s post! Biscuit Moment is for the ones who need something to resist the urge to gobble up every Christmas treat in sight. The sweet stuff that is. There are few flavors to choose from, Caramel is my favorite. Mark Hill Bedazzled is a gorgeous oil mist. See the before & after pictures here.

Liz Earle Skin TonicFor the past few weeks, I have been careful about not using anything drying on my skin and body. Liz Earle Skin Tonic is perfect for this time of year. It’s gentle and calming. This along with Hydraluron work really well. Melting Marshmallow Moment is a gorgeous bath melt. It turns the water a beautiful shade of pink, smells much like the perfume in ”rockstar” soap from Lush – definitely sweet.

costs christmas cupsCosta Christmas cupsIs there anything more cheery at morning than a Christmasy cup of coffee? Okay, maybe getting some extra sleep. Which cup is your favorite? Mine has to be reindeer 😀

Hope you enjoyed my 50th post. It feels like I have achieved something something great, although not sure if this counts as something ”great”. I am thankful for each one of you who stops by to read. Please feel free to leave your thoughts and links below. Have a good day!

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