First Time Using a Hot Cloth Cleanser

No7 hot cloth cleanserEveryone seems to be into hot cloth cleansers nowadays. I see why! Even with a cheap cleanser like this one from No 7, it feels so luxurious. It’s basically massaging the face with cleanser and then gently wiping it off with a warm wet face cloth. Surprised how much an effect this simple change in cleansing routine made. Anyone who has switched to hot cloth cleansers knows what I mean.. it’s definitely better. Obviously, adds two more minutes but I have been doing it consistently every night.

No7 is a boots own brand. If you are new, I’d say this is a good one to start with, see if you like the process. The texture is thick creamy with a light fragrance. It didn’t dry out my skin nor make it oily. Dispenses from a nozzle pump. One pump is enough to cleanse the face and neck. It does not remove makeup well. The longer the staying power of your makeup, the harder it is going to be for this cleanser to remove it. If it’s just sunscreen and gunk from the city that needs cleaning, you’ll be fine. The hardest one is probably mascara. I cleanse with a micellar solution if I am wearing any makeup. Wiping off with a hot cloth adds light exfoliation. Perfect little routine to unwind to. It’s available at any Boots store.

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