Vôtre White Essence SPF 25

Votre white essence

I was surprised how much I liked this sunscreen. It’s hydrating but doesn’t leave an oily film, The little tube is nice to lug around, it’s cheap -475 INR (That is £4.8!). The best part -no white cast! The product is a white lotion texture. It’s a good product, with one exception. It smells like oil paint. That was to me, extremely off-putting. It does go away after but it makes me wanna grab the other tube of sunscreen. I picked this from India, and there aren’t many choices at this price that work this well. Available at Fab Bag.


No white cast. Works on any skin type. Contain antioxidants.


Strong smell. Only available online, as of today. Only available in SPF 25.

2 thoughts on “Vôtre White Essence SPF 25

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  2. This review is nice sounds good.. wowo.. :*
    This spf 25 creme formula is really best.. for my skin tone
    I must say its really perfect fab 1 !!!

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