Evening Primrose Oil by Soulflower

Fascinated by the oils and oils in serum type products but not quite ready to jump in, I decided to try some pure oils. I have read plenty about these and have been wanting to give it a try for ages! So I picked the Evening Primrose Oil by Soulflower.

Soulflower primrose oil

Guess what guys.. this stuff actually works well as a light moisturizer. It doesn’t feel sticky and just sinks in.  It can be used on the body, I love it as a hand moisturizer because it doesn’t leave any residue or stickiness. Rub it in and you can just go on with your work. It’s cool how you can mix these oils with other moisturizers. Evening Primrose Oil has omega 6 fatty acid Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA). So by mixing a bit of the oil with your normal body lotion,you can turn it into an anti-ageing lotion!

Evening Primrose Oil

The little glass bottle holds 30 ml of oil for 450INR and is best used within 6months of opening it.

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