April Favorites

boxy town favoritesmacarons in PuneOkay, in Pune, if you want to eat macarons you have to make them and they are not easy to make if you don’t have the proper appliances. Someday I will make them again but until then, it’s La Bouchee d’Or  -this french patisserie that has made me very happy last month.

the neighbours tv show

You move out to a new house and find out your neighbors are aliens. This show is hilarious and underrated. Kind of reminds me of the Adams Family show. My favorite episode was the Indian wedding…it had me rolling on the floor. Literally! I love the cast… It makes me sad ABC cancelled the show after two seasons.. Argh!

boxy town favorites mangajoMangaJo is the to me, the perfect summer drink and I feel like these have been my favorites as far as I have known them. Love the glass bottles and they have an amazing selection of flavors. I can’t have a favorite flavor, they are all so good! Guys if you have not tried these yet, you are really missing out. Specially if you worry about preservatives and sugar.. They have no nasty ingredients in them and are low on calories.

Force vector mask

L’Oreal Professional Force vector Mask is amazing for thinning/easily breaking/fine hair. It’s moisturizing but not as heavy as the Absolut Repair mask (one in yellow packaging). For any other hair concerns, this mask is probably just meh. It doesn’t look or smell anything special but a combination of this with the force vector leave-in conditioner work really well. As much as I love trying out new products, I am always going to have this one on my shelf..or as long as I have fine hair. I must mention that I skip conditioner cos frankly, don’t see the point of it. This mask is my conditioner and I use the layering method to condition. Which is where you condition your hair, from ear down before and after your shampoo. It might sound a bit much but it’s a life-saving trick for someone whose hair breaks easily. Conditioning first won’t dry out ends, then shampoo as usual massaging just the scalp, wash and squeeze out as much water as possible, condition, wash out.

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