FX Moroccan Moisture – Argan Oil


This Oil has been on my shelf for over two years. I think it’s time to throw it out now. This was a disappointing product. It smells like cheap perfume..sickly one at that.

If I knew how to read ingredients better back then, I wouldn’t buy it. Take a look.

moroccan argan oil ingrdients

Cyclopentasiloxane is silicone in liquid form. Dimethicone is Silicon Oil. Ingredients are always written in their decreasing order. I am not against silicon, but the products claims to be Argan Oil. If you look at the last few ingredients, they have added color. I don’t know what’s the point of that? And the Parfum.

It’s on the same level as Livon or other silicon based hair de-frizzers but more pricey. It does help weigh down hair. Noticeably so, but so does any other similar ones out there. I think save your buck with this one! I’ll leave you with this silly picture. Have a good day!

cheeky argain oil pic

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