Nivea In-Shower Moisturizer

Look what I found!nivea moisturizer

I am excited about this one! Never had anything quite like this, if you don’t count body oils. Anything that gives me five extra minutes to laze around is a winner for me. Here’s a closer look at the instructions.niver in-shower moisturiserPretty simple, right? Notice, it works better on wet skin. How? Amazing little discovery for me really.

It looks ordinary like any thick, creamy Nivea lotion. It doesn’t slip off from wet skin, as I thought it would. The website says “the Moisturiser is activated by water and immediately absorbs into the skin”. Then after you wash it off, it’s just a layer of oil that is left behind. It has a faint smell that goes away after awhile. I am so glad it doesn’t transfer on clothes or towel like oils do. It just works perfectly.

It’s priced at 250INR for 250ml. There’s one for normal skin and one for dry skin.

Check out the website!

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