West Coast Bioma Oil

WestcoastbiomaoilreviewThis is my third bottle of this stuff. Not the best oil, but better than some. Even though, I don’t think it does what it claims, I have missed not having it. My skin can get dry to the point where I have to give up using soap of any kind.I will spare you the scaly details, safe to say that is exactly what pushed me to hit the buy button. So I did, but that naggy thought- I wish there was something better. Oh and it does smell nice! Smells are subjective but this one will surely pass the test by most noses.


The oil is moisturizing but not greasy. Unless, it’s piled on. The ingredients used in here are not special but they have some good stuff in it like sunflower seed oil, Chamomile Oil, Lavender Oil etc in small quantities. It spreads nicely so quick to apply. Think about those lazy cold days! For 100 INR, it’s a good product. Here is a picture of the contents.

biomaoilcontentThe company West Coast is a pharmaceutical company. I am not sure how long it has been around but if you look at their website, they have a ton of cool products, but sadly, a very small portion of reliable online shops stock them making it hard to get. Bioma oil is only available in a 60 ml bottle- A plastic bottle with a white-cap off type top. Definitely not travel friendly! To conclude, Bioma is a step up from your average baby oil or olive oil.

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