Becca Brightening Corrector | Review

Corrector are a tricky one for me. I have used a few but hadn’t really found one that I really liked. Too creamy, too orange or too pink, too dry or just took too long to blend out and then concealer on top just made everything looked too done up. Becca’s creation is a mix between a corrector and a highlighter. I knew it was going to work soon as I swatched it. Some pictures below of before and after. I am wearing the shade Medium to Dark.

You see! It glides on and blends in seconds and I can actually wear this on it’s own. Just a tiny bit on the dark area, then pat the edges. It’s a cream with minute shimmer that works better with fingers than it would with a brush I think. This pot is going to expire before I run out of it! You need very little for the effect that looks lit without being flat like a concealer does. You are meant to layer a concealer on top. My concealer, which is Urban Decay is a Matt finish and it makes the corrector separate a bit through the day. I don’t have any other concealers at the moment but I’m guessing this cream and this liquid concealer don’t mix well. I have also worn this with Chanel’s tinted moisturiser and although it was all a bit too glowy for me, there was no separation.

I use my fingers to do a whole eye look after. Using Bobbi Brown cream shadow stick in Bark to deepen crease line, Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in Medium-Dark-Neutral, Benefit Badgal Bang mascara.

I don’t have any other makeup on. Hence the uneven-ness on the rest of my face. I did wear some tinted moisturiser before going out. That’s basically it. Notice the difference in this picture from the first one. It looks so natural as well.


Hayfever And Surviving Heatwave

My mind at the moment is all over the place. There’s a million things happening and at any given point I feel like I should be doing something. Anything! Boil those carrots, order butt wipes and eyedrops. I am frankly, done with summer. There’s no more picnics that will make this better. Because, Hayfever.

On my last update I mentioned I was moving house and I’m still in the process but I am currently living temporarily in a small-ish countryside town. While the town is beautiful, the pollens have decided to invade my face. My eyes get itchy and worse when out. I recently got the generic Boots eyedrops that help and found that doing that at the start of the day along with the (non-drowsy) allergy-relief tablets sets the day.

I am not a summer person at all. I need to stay cool to stay focussed on work. These little USB fans are a life-saver. You can prop them up on shelves, away from babies and store them away easily. I have two of these powerbanks that power the fans throughout the day.

On more fancier side of things. Caudalie Beauty Elixir has a minty effect on skin along with some extracts that does sets it apart from water sprays. I loved taking this to the park even though it’s in a glass bottle and quite heavy. I carry a backpack that have cushiony insulated slots that I don’t need for bottles anymore. So that works for me!

I saw these Raybans on Kate Ogata and just had to have them. Although I’m nowhere as cool as her, I think these glasses suit my face and keeps the wind and some of the pollen out. Also, I am loving Alix’s content recently. She looks bomb in her Hexagon Raybans here.

I could go on with Linen tshirts and cropped pants with buttery soft sandals but that’s a given. What I should point out if you haven’t tried them already are the tshirts from Hush are some of the best I have found. I bought two last year (out of stock now) and they look good as new this year so I added two more summer tshirts.

  1. Pink Tshirt
  2. Navy Cest Si Bon Tshirt

Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick And Case 2018

Guerlain released these beautiful lipstick cases this month and I couldn’t have just one. The first one I bought was K-Doll which is a pearlescent pink case along with lipstick #520 which is a PH reactive lipstick. I could do without this colour as it is basically a balm with the slightest change on my lips. It does look lovely in the case.

Cases from L-R is K-Doll, Preppy Chic, Wild Jungle, Exotic Safari, Minimal Chic (white marbled), Neo Gothic (black marbled) (more…)

Five Highlights From March

One. The moving process is in motion. I can’t believe this is finally happening! We are going to be homeowners. At the moment, we don’t have a date and there are alot of boxes in my kitchen waiting to be shifted in storage. I just wanted to share this little news because it is very exciting for me. This also opens up a whole new topic to explore and write about. (more…)