Thoughts on Products I Used Up

Guerlain Rouge G #520 is a sheer pink with a subtle PH reaction. I bought this online and didn’t find it hydrating enough. Also, it didn’t show up on my lip much. When I was moving, this is all I had and it grew on me. It’s scent is alright (“floriental” as described on the website) but the formulation is what sets it apart I think. It’s a matte- like finish, perfect before applying their Rouge G lipsticks. It’s got a bit of adherence that feels very light and makes lipstick swiping slight tackier. On it’s own, it gives a light tint that you can build up and same goes for moisturizing. Loved using it and repurchased. (more…)

Happy Year 2019!

Hope you have had a good start to the year in whatever you chose to do. It was takeaway and movie night for me. Perfect start as this was our first proper sit down meal. I moved into a new house and it’s starting to feel like home again. (more…)