Purposeful Skincare I Am Excited About

Now that the air is cooler, I can start using my favorite ingredients in skincare -Lactic acid, Vitamin C, Retenoids and Undereye creams!

I have missed the smell of Skinessis facial in a bottle. It’s gorgeous, floral and easing. I don’t feel the need to layer much on top. A light moisturizer on top to seal it will suffice. On my skin, this is a mighty shot of retinol. I’m not sure at what percent but since I haven’t used any in awhile, this gave me some results earlier this year and I’m happy to return back to it.

Clinique Fresh Pressed Powder Cleanser gives me a bright glow every time. It’s potent and such a pleasure to use. The foam it creates is cleansing and doesn’t feel overly drying after. I think I can feel a very fine coating of the product on my skin after but I’m not sure as it could also be just an after effect.

I discovered how powerful peptides can be via a stretch mark cream after my pregnancy. So I have started using “Buffet” from The Ordinary. It’s actually easier to use than I imagined. Because some of their concoctions have a bit of a learning curve. I have used it on and off for month to help reduce some (I assume) hormonal lines around my neck. And I’m pleased to report, it works. I must mention that I started using it after I stopped using Sarah Chapman’s Overnight Facial but I needed something for summer. It has ironed out the creases a bit. It is a very light gel and can be worn at daytime. I love it so far and have decided to re-order.

A period induced bout of bumpy skin resulted in a few scars this month. I’m determined to rid of it as quickly as I can. I started using Origins Resurfacing cream at nighttime as a spot treatment and it has reduced the scars quite significantly given I have only used it about four or five times. I know the skin on your body is thicker but I am trying to fade tan lines that I got over summer from sandals. It’s a stripe across the top of my feet. So I was hoping the cream would help. Not just yet though, stripe is still there. Also, I’m not loving the smell of it. The scent is described as Neroli, Valerian and Vanilla but to my nose it’s exactly the same as the Ginseng line if not stronger. It does fade within 30 mins. I got the oil-free version and it’s hydrating enough to use on its own on my normal dehydrated skin type.

Honestly surprised me, this one. This is Pure Clay Blemish Rescue mask. Its affordable, nice herbal scent, great creamy texture that dries out but leaves the skin feeling comfortable. For reference of consistency, it feels similar to the Aesop Parsley Seed with tad bit creaminess and spreads easily.

I bought this to calm my skin in summer when it got a bit clogged with sunscreen -happens every year! I didn’t want to use acid-based products, nothing too harsh. I found the clay just perfect. It’s difficult to explain the after but it’s good to see drugstore brands making good products. I will use it through Autumn, particularly around my nose where it tends to get a bit pink and blocked pores.

Saved the best for the end. These tools -Gua Sha, beauty rollers, ice rollers whichever you choose are meant to help tone and firm. I chose Nurse Jamie’s Uplift tool that you roll in the direction of your heart, wherever you want. I was a bit disappointed as it doesn’t really do much for tense muscles in the neck, shoulder or arms. It felt great to use in the heatwave as its always cold and takes about 10 mins to warm up with body heat. It does tighten your face and neck or wherever you use it temporarily as splashing yourself with cold water does. Notice the black dots on the wand, that have a matte smooth rubbery texture. It grips your skin softly, pulling them up as you roll the wand. It doesn’t do the pulling on bony parts of your body. I know I’ll use this every summer as it cools your skin unlike a spray can.

Happy weekend!


Becca Brightening Corrector | Review

Corrector are a tricky one for me. I have used a few but hadn’t really found one that I really liked. Too creamy, too orange or too pink, too dry or just took too long to blend out and then concealer on top just made everything looked too done up. Becca’s creation is a mix between a corrector and a highlighter. I knew it was going to work soon as I swatched it. Some pictures below of before and after. I am wearing the shade Medium to Dark. (more…)

Hayfever And Surviving Heatwave

My mind at the moment is all over the place. There’s a million things happening and at any given point I feel like I should be doing something. Anything! Boil those carrots, order butt wipes and eyedrops. I am frankly, done with summer. There’s no more picnics that will make this better. Because, Hayfever. (more…)

Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick And Case 2018

Guerlain released these beautiful lipstick cases this month and I couldn’t have just one. The first one I bought was K-Doll which is a pearlescent pink case along with lipstick #520 which is a PH reactive lipstick. I could do without this colour as it is basically a balm with the slightest change on my lips. It does look lovely in the case.

Cases from L-R is K-Doll, Preppy Chic, Wild Jungle, Exotic Safari, Minimal Chic (white marbled), Neo Gothic (black marbled) (more…)

Five Highlights From March

One. The moving process is in motion. I can’t believe this is finally happening! We are going to be homeowners. At the moment, we don’t have a date and there are alot of boxes in my kitchen waiting to be shifted in storage. I just wanted to share this little news because it is very exciting for me. This also opens up a whole new topic to explore and write about. (more…)